Candle Décor

  • Designed to reflect your style, your mood, and your personality.
  • These unique Jar Sleeves and Pedestals mix and match to create a look that is truly your own.
  • So you’ve found your Signature Scent, now find the ideal way to display it with your own personal flair.
    Choose this season’s must-have Christmas décor item, designed to be
    made truly personal. These Mix & Match jar candle accessories are all about your take on festive styling.
  • With 8 items to choose from, make your look truly unique to you.
  • Morning Tide…when the sun awakens, muted hues of the morning sky fall on marbled formations. A gentle ocean mist rises and freshness emerges from swaying beach grass and delicate citrus blossoms..

  • This season’s fragrance and décor interiors trends are influenced by nautical themes. Fragrances are complemented by the sea-washed palette, pale ceramics and clear glass of our décor, with painted seashore designs to match.
  • Afternoon Breeze…when flowers burst into bloom, berries ripen and birds take flight. Nostalgia is in the air and butterflies and bees embrace buttercups. Sparkling aromatics are rich with field fruits and diffused tea.

  • We want to help you create themed Parties with fragrances and décor to match. Warm fruit scents and colours enhance the Afternoon Breeze 3-Wick pattern, while vintage prints and lace motifs complement Victorian-era style teacups.

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